May 20, 2024

Deadline: December 3, 2022

PHOTOWALK ‘…the hangout’

​The PHOTOWALK is a biannual event organized by the PHOENIXTRIBEAFRICA; a community of young Africans with the aim of creating and fostering projects that promotes communal strength, multipersonal networking, and humanitarian development. The PHOTOWALK is in its third edition of execution, after 2 successful runs, this edition is tagged ‘the hangout’ a celebration of African youthfulness.

‘The Hangout’ encapsulates the nature of this edition. The Community meets with fans. Hence it’s proposed date of execution; Saturday, 3rd December, 2022, 10am in partnership with NEW CULTURE STUDIOS (Ibadan) to create the biggest PHOTOGRAPHY hangout in the city of Ibadan, and West Africa.

Mode of Operation.

​The PHOTOWALK has in its community over 50 active members of Pro, developing and student Photographers, Models, and Creative Designers (Fashion, Makeup, Art, Technical etc.) who gather on a selected date to create photographic images expressing a theme. This theme celebrates the contemporary Artistic prowess of the African youths in Fashion, Music, Art, Photography and Film making. The PHOTOWALK is made up of 3 groups; LIGHT, LENSES, WALKERS.



• Full Chicken Challenge

• Fashion Runway

• Studio Portrait Photo.

• Photo Exhibition

• Loud House Party (All White)

• Dance, Music, Games, Many Gifts to be won…

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