April 17, 2024

Goethe Institute Visual Arts Project Fund 2022 for artists and curators.

Deadline: October 15, 2022

Collaborative work processes and artistic research in global, trans-cultural contexts open up opportunities for shared learning and the production of new knowledge across national borders. The Goethe-Institut’s Visual Arts Project Fund supports artists, curators and institutions from different countries and regions in the realisation of projects planned jointly and based on an equal division of labour and creative input. The aim is to promote international networks in the visual arts, architecture, design and art education/cultural mediation through innovative artistic and curatorial work.


  • Goethe, provide funding for the development of exhibitions and discursive formats with transnational cooperative working structures from the fields of visual art, architecture, design and art education/cultural mediation as well as interdisciplinary projects.
  • The fund is aimed at professional artists, curators and cultural practitioners working abroad and in Germany.
  • It supports their creative and intellectual engagement in a project which they conceive and implement together, and in which they collaborate as equal partners across national boundaries while sensitive to specific contexts, thereby creating new modes/ possibilities of form and content.

Your application, which must be submitted by two or more partners, of whom one must live and work abroad, should show that working contacts already exist and that you intend to implement the project in a dialogue-oriented manner. You must provide written confirmation from at least one institution (art association, museum, educational institution, etc.) of your interest in collaborating with you and the other applicants and interest in the content of the project as a binding part of the application documents to be submitted.

The Visual Arts Project Fund supports projects that can be expected to have a high quality and lasting impact of the artistic or discursive results. Their public presentation in at least one location outside of Germany is obligatory. The inclusion of several locations increases the chances of your application and can be supported by a correspondingly higher funding amount. The maximum funding amount is 25,000 €. You and your partners will document the course of the project with photos, videos, etc. and a detailed final report.

Applicants can contact the Goethe-Institut at an early stage of project development. The Visual Arts Division at the Goethe-Institut’s headquarters in Munich as well as the Goethe-Institut in the respective country offer assistance with the application.

Applications that meet our criteria are submitted to a jury of experts and representatives of the Goethe-Institut for decision. In making its decision, the jury will be guided by the following award criteria:

  • Project quality and roles of the participating cultural operators in their respective scenes
  • Expected impact of artistic or discursive results
  • Contemporary relevance of the questions and objectives
  • Balanced and dialogical approach to cooperation without one project partner dominating
  • Establishment of continuing cooperation structures
  • Consideration of ecological and social sustainability and inclusiveness in the project’s implementation
  • Budget with details of your own/third-party funds (at least 10% of the funding amount) and a solid financial plan. Please give reasons if no own funds are available and acquiring thrid-party fundds is not possible.
  • Preference is given to projects between partners from Germany and transition countries and the Global South.

Deadlines for applications with project start dates

2023: through 15 October 2022

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