June 16, 2024


Deadline: March 23, 2024

Time to inject some inspiration and creativity into your writing – or try something completely new?

Siân’s workshops have been commissioned by festivals and writing groups across the UK for her unique combination of expert knowledge and confidence-boosting teaching skills. In each session you’ll be guided through prompts and exercises to spark new ideas, approach your work differently and equip you with tools to take your writing out into the world. Plus the space to take risks in a supportive environment, reach out of your comfort zone, experiment and have more fun with your writing.

Sessions are on Zoom from 2-4pm (GMT) on the fourth Saturday of the month and suitable for all levels of experience – from complete beginners to seasoned pros. Whether you’re a stand-up, scriptwriter, filmmaker, performer, artist in any medium or just curious, join a session for a creative reboot and see where it takes you.


23rd March: Intro to Stand-Up

Have you been told you’re funny and should do comedy, or are you a writer-performer who’s always wanted to give stand-up a go? This session will guide you through everything you need to put your own sharp, unique first stand-up comedy set together.

27th April: Joke Writing

How do jokes work? We get into the details of joke-writing techniques for stand-up, character comedy and scriptwriting.

25th May: Writing Autobiographically

Most creatives use their own lives as inspiration – but how can you shape the messy details of your own experiences into a structured piece of work? Participants will be guided through prompts and exercises to write about what really excites you, and leave with a toolkit to start sharing your authentic selves safely and creatively.

29th June: Surrealism

How do you go weird without losing the audience? Siân has plenty of experience in making comedy from weird and wonderful stuff. But how do you keep your audience connected, not alienated? Where can you find touchpoints to then go into even more unexpected territory, and keep people laughing along the way?

27th July: Comedy Dream Writing (New!)

Is there material from dreams you can write into your work? This session combines psycho-dreamwork archaeology with writing techniques to dig around the weirdest corners of your subconscious. What’s lurking at the bottom of the brain bins? Come and explore with an experimental new workshop that promises to delight, surprise and over-analyse.

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