June 16, 2024

Sketch Comedy Writing Workshop: Fundamentals of Comedy

Deadline: March 8, 2024

Do you have hilarious ideas inside you just waiting to burst forth? Want to get more views on your social media channels with comedy sketches? Or maybe you love SNL and want to learn the tricks the professionals use to come up with comedy, fast! Join us for this online Intro to Sketch Comedy workshop and get your funny down on paper!

In this two-hour workshop, instructor and professional improv/sketch comedian Sean A. Mulvihill will take you through a couple writing exercises that will you have you well on your way to writing your first sketch.

In this class we will cover:

-the 2 main types of “games” in sketch

-the 3 types of humor that most jokes fall under

-how to create a unique sketch character

This is a real-time online writing workshop, so you will get in-class assignments and then have the option to share your work with the class!

At the end of the class you’ll be given a chance to sign up for a multi-week course where you’ll write and get feedback on your sketches. The class is a lot of fun and stresses the “writers’ room” dynamic where we bounce ideas off each other and analyze sketches that make us laugh.

Here is a low-budget sketch that I wrote for a class just like this one: https://youtu.be/VlXdzeGZk50


Hi, Sean A. Mulvihill. I’m the Artistic Director of the Exuberant Theatre Company. We have been running a comedy show at the Broadway Comedy Club and other NYC venues since 2018. I just moved to San Diego and am very excited to work with you.

Currently in San Diego I am featured on two improv house teams: Fjordache at Finest City Improv and On that Note: The Improvised Musical at Mockingbird Improv.

I’ve been teaching acting and writing since 2001 and improv since 2018. You can see some of my professional film/theatre acting and directing work at seanamulvihill.com.

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