May 20, 2024

Deadline: November 26, 2022

The Creatives Festival is an event aimed at bridging the gap in the creative economy in Nigeria. The Festival offers a forum for policymakers and industry stakeholders to exchange ideas, resolve challenges, identify opportunities and chart new waters within the creative economy in Nigeria. It also offers young Creatives the platform to learn, collaborate, and showcase their drive for creativity.

On this day, a large global community of Entrepreneurs, Creatives and Policymakers will come together in person and virtually, where they will be joined by renowned Speakers, Thinkers, and Artists. This is the place to collaboratively and practically engage with players in the creative economy, helping to build it to be more productive, inclusive, responsible, and progressive.

The goal is to engage 1000 creatives and up-skill 120 of them in 4 major courses that is beneficial to them with different activities planned out like:

Movie screening
Neon After party
Panel Sessions
Sip & Paint

It’s a day to learn, up-skill, unwind, network and have fun.

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