June 17, 2024

Comedy Writing: How to be a Funny on Paper and Stage

Date: March 7, 2024

About the eventComedy Writing: How to be a Funny on Paper and Stage

Become a comedy writer!

About this Event

Whether you need to make a dull work presentation more lively, mix laughter with learning in the classroom, or ultimately want to write for print/production or perform your own stand up routine, this fast-paced session will show you how to apply humor to all aspects of your life. You will learn the anatomy a joke, how to use your powers of observation to sharpen your wit, write different types of jokes, and use humor to entertain and influence people. Informative handouts for future use are included in class fee. The instructor LeeAnne Krusemark is a former stand-up comedian at places like The Laugh Factory in Hollywood, current author and editor, and a nationwide Professor of Publishing at higher learning institutions, including Harvard Adult Education. The webinar login information will be emailed the day before class. To access this class, send an email to after registration. You will receive a link the day before class from . Pre-registration is required.

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