June 16, 2024


Date: December 11, 2023

This class will be a lighthearted romp through easy theater games designed to prepare participants to perform made up comedy scenes on the spot. If you like working on your listening, collaboration, creativity and communication skills, you’ll love improv!

Taught in six (6) weekly sessions of ninety (90) minutes each,W * 6 sessions of 90 minutes each

* 6 sessions of 90 minutes each

* 1 class show (Held directly after the 6th session)

* ONLY $125 USD

* Conducted over zoom

* All times are ET

* Taught by Radical Agreement founder Terry Withers

“Terry is a great educator and improvisor, so learning from him is truly a treat! Terry has helped me grow as an improvisor, built my confidence as a performer. Highly recommend his classes!” Annie Bobbit

“I’ve taken two classes and certainly feel I’ve grown as an improviser and performer as a result! I appreciate how accessible the courses are and how welcoming of an environment Terry creates in them. Highly recommended for beginners or longtime improvisers alike.” – Oregon Johnson

**Students should be able to participate with their camera & microphones on during sessions

***This class has a rating of R, meaning subject matters, attitudes and presentation of material may be as adult as content routinely considered of an R nature within movies

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